About our Bean Bag Chairs

Who - Is The Bean Bag Chairs Boss ?

Let us introduce you to The Beanbag Boss. 

First things first – The Boss means bean bag chair business. So if you know what’s best, you’ll listen up while we tell his story. 

Picture it. Spain. 1983. The Boss is travelling on business with his right-hand man, ‘Lefty’. They’re wearing their finest suits and making appearances at all the trendiest clubs. Some autographs may have been signed because that’s how The Boss rolls; he’s a pretty hip guy. He has connections, is fast-paced and constantly thinking of the next big thing...

Amongst all the wheeling and dealing, handshakes and business cards, The Boss and ‘Lefty’ take some time out to enjoy the scene. They join the crowd of people lounging and chatting, grab a seat and sink into a whole new level of cool. Now this is the way you do business. The idea of throwing a bunch of funky bean bag chairs into a space to create a Zen vibe is simplistic… but it works. It’s relaxing. Cozy. Comfy. Casual. Inviting. When you’re The Boss, the word ‘relax’ is not in your vocabulary. So you can imagine his enthusiasm when hanging out on these beanbag chairs was doing the trick. If The Boss likes it, you better believe you will too. 

For The Boss, life is full of risks and successes. So when opportunity presents itself, The Boss answers the door with a big grin and arms wide open. Let’s take this idea home and re-invent the way we lounge. 

What - Bean Bag Chairs ?

Three words: Bean Bag Chairs. The plan was simple - let’s take a winning product and offer it in tons of colors, materials, and textures. We offer Solid Color Beanbag Chairs, Patterns Bean Bag Chairs, Plaids Beanbag Chair, Faux Leather Chair BeanBags, Lame Bean Bags (metallic) and Limited Edition Bean Bag Chairs. It’s a modern, unique addition to any space in your home, office or casual space. Once you see someone else hanging out on a beanbag or you try one out yourself, you just gotta have it. They’re contagious!

The Boss has a tough exterior, but he’s also a softy, just like his bean bag chairs. He has designed the only beanbag you’ll ever want or need, with each one filled to perfection with lightweight foam beans. The filling is magic as it allows the beanbag to mold to your body like a second skin.

Modern life is a whirlwind of crazy schedules, work, sports, school projects, and meetings. Amid all that chaos, take some time to chill on one of The Boss’ bean bag chairs. You won’t regret it.

When - BeanBag Chairs Hip ?

The Boss has been in business since ’83, when spandex and neon colors were cool for the first time.

Where - I Want Bean Bag Chairs !

You can buy The Boss’ bean bag chairs right here on our website. From the comforts of home or work, you can click through the huge variety of beanbag chairs, select your choices and have them shipped right to your door. And the bonus is that it’ll be less expensive than going to a store. Talk about service!

Maybe the holidays or your birthday are coming up and you want to drop some hints to your friends and family? There’s a cool feature on our site where you can add bean bag chairs to your ‘wish list’. The Boss will send an email to those selected people with all the details of what they should buy for you. Nice huh?

The options are endless for where you can lounge on your bean bag chair, so get creative! Anywhere you can imagine hanging out, imagine a beanbag: living room, kids/teens room, dorm room, games area, lounge area, outdoor space, office…

How To Use My Bean Bag Chair

The Boss has some suggestions for ways to shape your beanbag for the ultimate lounging experience. He wants to impress you with the number of ways you can transform it.

  • flat
  • armchair
  • teardrop
  • horsy
  • laid back
  • bean bag chairs for two

Bean Bag Chairs Materials

  • Nylon (600 Denier Polyester Fabric) – like The Boss, this mega-durable material has rugged good looks
  • Faux Leather Bean Bag – soft, supple and sophisticated
  • Metallic Bean Bag Chairs Polyester (Lamé) – flashy, funky fabrics