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Ever tried gaming in bean bag chairs? They’re the ultimate in comfort for extended gaming sessions! Try the perfect gamer chair today!

Are you sick of playing video games in uncomfortable, rock hard furniture? If so, then Sumo Lounge is here to rescue and improve your gaming experience.

Each beanbag is filled to perfection with lightweight foam beans. The filling is magic as it allows the beanbag to mold to your body like a second skin. Fabrics are made from mega-durable material for rugged good looks with the ultimate craftsmanship.

Our prices are great, and we offer free shipping on bean bag orders in Canada. You save money so you can buy more video games to play with! Shopping online for bean bags chairs as never been easier !

  • Man playing video game on beanbag chair

    Rock Out All Night Long!

  • Boy playing video game on beanbag chair

    Enjoy Different Postions!

  • Gamer playing computer game on beanbag chair

    Comfort At Its Best!

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