RAQ (Rarely Asked Bean Bag Chair Questions)

Can I bring my bean bag chair on an airplane?

Your bean bag chair is likely too big for carry-on, but checked baggage should be fine - contact your airline first.

I’m going on a hiking trip; can I bring my bean bag chair with me?

Well, someone is having attachment issues with their new bean bag chair, aren’t they? Sure, why not…

Will my bean bag chair give me +5 in my video game?

We can’t promise it’ll give you +5 in your game, but we can guarantee +5 in comfort level! 

Will having a bean bag chair increase my chances of getting a girlfriend?

It will definitely increase your cool factor. Send The Boss a wedding invite for the special day. 

If I buy a bean bag chair for my son or daughter, will it get them to do their chores?

The Boss thinks that gifting a bean bag chair is a successful bribery tactic for making 92.7% of teens wash those dishes or clean their room. The Boss can’t be held responsible for the remaining 7.3%.